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Ex- Governor of New Jersey, Gay Jim McGreevy installed his Gay ISRAELI paramour who has no work authorization/Green Card, in Home Land Security for a six figure salary. Installed another paramour a Green Mailer from Indian community Rajesh "Rojer" Chug as Dy Governor who had all kinds of fundraising abilities, selling building permits as well as arranging the company of minors for his boss/paramour. Then McGreevy squandered $22 billions in School Construction and put the state in a deep hole by over $100 billions in debt. Both McGreevy and Chugh were never prosecuted by the minority Democrat Jewish Rulers of New Jersey rather Chugh has become a frequent Globe trotting flier and Jim has been rewarded to teach "ETHICS" at Kean University!

Ex-President Bill Clinton attorney by profession gave 457 Pardons vs. 117 given by President George Bush so far. Shamelessly Clinton gave 140 Pardons in closing hours of his presidency which includes Full Pardon to fugitive Democrat Financier Marc Rich. It was done on the application of Rich's ex-wife, a major contributor to Clinton Campaign and the Clinton Library. Democrat Rich a financier was indicted in 1983 on charges of evading $48 million in Taxes, 51 counts of Tax Fraud and having illegal oil deals with Iran during hostage crisis. Rich had fled to Switzerland and had been living there for 17 years till President/Attorney Clinton released him from all Legal Jeopardy. Very few people knows it, Lewis "Scooter" Libby was the attorney who represented fugitive Marc Rich later pardoned by Clinton. Patrick Fitzgerald, Libby's present prosecutor, was part of the prosecution team in the Rich case. May be it is time for Patrick to settle scores?

President/Attorney Clinton bailed out Indian Hotelier (Hotels with slush money from Indian Federal Ministers) Sant Singh Chatwal from Tax evasions/liabilities running into millions. Chatwal paid to IRS may be little over $200,000 and rest to.... (Clinton's). The Clinton's both husband wife lacks core conviction and are not afraid at all to misrepresent or to speak out half truths as well as complete lies. Till Nov. 3, 2006 Hillary was happy "to be New York Senator" and collected more than $51 millions for her re-election to US Senate. After winning her re-election came a statement from her she spends $37.5 million on a non-existent challenger and now she wants to be the President of America! Bill on the other hand during Monica Lewinsky trial tried to obstruct justice and lied under oath. President Clinton said he had not violated the sixth commandment. But whose sixth commandment? To Roman Catholics and Lutherans, it is the No-Adultery Commandment. But to Jews and Members of Orthodox and Reformed Churches, Clinton was saying, "He hadn't murdered or killed respectively. What punishment Clinton got? He lost his license to Practice Law! After that also Ex-Attorney Clinton was very defiant in an interview and said, "If the sex is not consummated, it is not sex. That is the reason I made a statement, "I never had sex with that (Jewish?) woman Monica Lewinsky!

Although I am not an attorney but I am at loss to understand, "how can Libby be guilty of obstruction of justice when there is no underlying crime? It was some one else who disclosed the identity of CIA covert agent Valerie Palme Wilson. I am not a big fan of Bush or Chenny or Libby or the tail waggling Democrat Republicans of New Jersey living off the crumbs thrown to them by Democrats, "Do you think it is equal Justice?"

Dave Makkar
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George Joseph" Fri, 6 Jul 2007 21:10:38 -0400

Sant singh Chatwal will be the next sectretary of state under Hillary Clinton! so dont comment about him

(dont use my name anyway)

There is another Indian Weekly "India Post" whose editor Ms. N C Srirekha says, "Peter Kothari (a swindler & a big time thief stealing from community) is my Leader."


Dear George, Thanks for the advise. I believe charity starts from home and more over I don't believe in Selective Enforcement of Law and in the Law breakers. Same way I can not be selective in exposing criminals, quasi-criminals and political goons. I have been criticizing Minority Jewish Rulers of New Jersey so what makes you think I will not criticize individuals from my own community who are involved in questionable deals and have dubious back ground with questionable credentials?

These few rich brain wreck with shady backgrounds and few lunatic swindlers controlling all the religious, cultural, media and business organizations from my community who thinks, "Getting Photographed with Local Politicians is called Politics & service to the community, must understand this can not continue forever."

Common wisdom says it is only legal if it is ethical but unfortunately Attorneys in America has changed it to, "Since it is legal so it is ethical." They are ruining America and time has come to bring sanity, morality and ethics back in Politics and in our Judicial system, where a political thug Corzine cannot install a Rabner in Supreme Court to sell the assets of New Jersey or a Christie Whitman can not install a Deborah Poritz in Supreme Court who can render a judgment that Politicians can borrow any amount and they don't need the permission of the voters by putting it on ballot paper.

We live in such a culture of celebrity, unless celebrities say it, you can't get the message out. We are in cultural, ethical and moral crisis that has made misuse of Public Offices by Elected & Appointed individuals not only tolerable, acceptable, glamorous but marketable.

Unfortunately we don't have George Washington or Abraham Lincoln or Mahatama Gandhi or Martin Luther King or Dr. Ambedkar to tell us what we are doing is morally and ethically dead wrong by supporting individuals for Public Offices with questionable credentials and dubious past.

Trust me George, we Americans are not yet ready to install criminals in the White House. That is some thing else some individuals have committed crimes after entering White House.

The people who are very close to me can tell you I have never lost a Election bet since 1977 whether for India or UK or USA. Hillary Clinton can never become President of USA, so stop living in Fool's Paradise. Stop others also for whom you care not to believe in this kind of lies.

If the Manmohan Singh Gov in India is also thinking what you are saying they will fall flat on their faces in heap of garbage. May be Congress has not learned any thing from UP election against Mayawati despite their star campaigners Sonia Gandhi, Rahul, Priyanka, Sharoof Khan, Manmohan Singh, Laloo Yadav, Govinda etc etc, still they lost miserably.

with best regards,
Dave Makkar

P.S. Read the First Amendment: Freedom of Free Speech tell the owners of your news paper, start printing "Real News" with a moto Service to mankind and Glory to God.

It is very pathetic that we have completely forgotten the art of “Giving”. Every one of us wants to give money to those organizations with track record of stealing & mismanaging public funds just to get cheap publicity. People of our community especially in America brag about adopting a child whom they will never see or meet and giving money to known questionable characters for holding Circuses like India Day Parade, Gujarat Chalo, Akali BJP victory celebration etc. When you ask them “your entire family including distant relatives must be very rich in India, is that the reason you are throwing money for unworthy causes?” They have no answer. The truth is if they help their own relatives to bring up their standard of living at par to their own it will not be published in any news paper! If they help less fortunate from their own community living in USA, this will also be not published in any newspapers. A Sudhir Parikh can bribe Indian government official’s couple of hundred thousand dollars to get nonsense Pravasi Bhartiya Award and can pay thousands to any Tom Dick Harry to be seen on the Dias of every event in the town. That is besides the point he can not speak one line in any language and will never give a penny to any one in distress from the community.

Coming to Multi Million Dollar Circuses like India Day Parade, Gujarat Chalo, International Hindi Diwas, honoring corrupt Politicians from India under the Banner of overseas friend of Congress, BJP, Akalidal and latest is Mayawati’s Bhaujan Samaj Party; have we ever thought what good it is providing to the less fortunate in our community living in USA? These organizers can not raise the issue of community members brutalized by Police under racial bias that too after being handcuffed. They can not raise thee issue of a woman scientist murdered at a high security water treatment plant in New Jersey. They can not raise the issue why Indians were called cockroaches, animals, illiterates and illegal go home by Racist Police Union.

We have spent more than $7 Billion on Temples & Gurudwaras in USA with perpetual Presidents & Managing committees where a 4 yr old and a 7 yr old can not be provided a roof on their heads. A 23 yr old Medical student can be told by a Hardyal Singh defecto owner of Dashmesh Durbar; since she is Gujarati her leaders must come for a meeting with his members, then his members will have their own meeting whether she can be provided any help. Most pathetic is our Gurudwaras are for Lubhanas, Paphey, Ramgarias same is Temples are for Arya Samaji’s, South Indians, Gujaratis or Bengalis etc. none of them are for Hindus or any human being who wants to believe in them.

If we don’t want to understand Srimad Bhagwat Geeta or Ramayan or Sri Gurugranth Sahib or The Bible or the Holy Kuran, can we learn something from humans like Rockefeller, Carnegie, Bill Gates, Warren Buffett to start Scholarships for the less fortunate students, homes for senior citizens, home for youth with personal problems and homes for battered women to start with for our own community living in America. Later on expanding these facilities to all Americans. We must educate our people that charity starts from home, adopt a child or a family among your own relatives in USA or India and try to bring their standard of living matching to your own life style.

Dave Makkar

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