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Pretending to be conservatives; minority controlled majority mainstream Media with the money from their counter parts in Wall Street & Hollywood; with their unprecedented feed is trying to brain wash American public with their choice of Presidential candidates without educating them about massive financial crises, trade deficit, America’s status as biggest debtor nation in the world & other problems like serious threats of terrorism at home & abroad. American forces are at war in Iraq & Afghanistan besides 38 other countries to fight global terrorism. Still this minority controlled mainstream Media is dictating; Americans must elect a President with no character, convictions, vision & understanding of economy!

There is a saying “in the Land of the Blind, the one-eyed is a Queen!” The fact is main three Democrat contenders are all first term Senators & Attorneys with no experience in foreign relations and economy. No one has ever run a corner store, has put a corner stone in their back yard or run even small town as its Mayor. They want to run the biggest enterprises of the world with $3 trillion in revenue, $14 trillion in market capitalization, millions of employees, $60 trillion deficit in unfunded liabilities & trade deficit, turmoil in financial markets and unprecedented threats from the Islamic Jihadist to destabilize America & the world.

One an Ambulance Chaser (Trial Attorney) with very good oratory skills thinks Presidency of America is just like appearing in front of Trial Judge with tutored client pretending to be in pain with the support of maverick Doctors to extract public money. One with crafty literary help & mobster Tony Rezko’s money wants Americans to elects him President by believing in his re-invented story of regained Christianity “A born again Christian” and they must forget his vast inexperience and his presence only in Illinois State Senate rather than yes or no at the time of voting on important issues. Third favorite Darling of every one in Media, Wall Street & Hollywood with powerful Money Machine lubricated by the likes of fugitive racketeers & swindlers Marc Rich & Dr Sabharwal, Norman Hsu, Sant Singh Chatwal, Vinod Gupta, Pharmaceutical, Health Insurance, Defense contractors etc. all tied to major league creeps.

None of them can be trusted to deal competently with any future crisis over Iran or Middle East or Terrorism and present biggest financial mess. None of them are likely to evoke any respect from world Leaders especially Middle East.

Like womanizer governor Jon Corzine of New Jersey; Hillary Clinton, the one eyed queen wants to capitalize on HCL; Hispanic, Conservatives and Liberals with her fake extreme make over character being supported by her womanizer husband. She lacks core convictions, morality, ethics, character and is not afraid at all to misrepresent or speak half truths or complete lies. Under conservative mask HRC is a ruthless, emotionless, characterless & dangerously over ambitious reincarnation of Prime Minister of India “Indra Gandhi” who took India towards caste war, poverty & state sponsored massive corruption in the name of social engineering, which ultimately resulted in creating the biggest population of $800 million poor in India; out of which 300 million people are below poverty line making less than $2 a day that also include biggest army of 80 million child labor. Under her understanding of Hurricane Relief plan; Hillary Clinton pushed for $75 million for counseling in the wake of Hurricane Katrina-for the residents of New York!

One time Media favorite front runner former Democrat, Republican Rudy Giuliani at the time of crisis during 9/11 did behaved like a Leader but that was Mayor of NY with bipartisan unprecedented help from Federal & State Governments, help from every nook & corner of America from every American and the entire world. When electing a President voters always look for candidates own proven record not the mass assisted record. Rudy still has to define Character of 6 marriages; 3 of his own & 3 of his current spouse, his relationship with his children who are not even on talking terms with him, his security expanses with Tax Payers dollars for visits to his paramour in Hampton when they were paying for the security of his wife and his nomination of a corrupt Bernard Kirk as Home Land Security Chief; who is facing indictment for bribery & other charges; all unassisted decisions!

At the same time Media was projecting Fred Thompson as Conservative Republican’s likely choice over Giuliani to get Party nomination, when he was not even in the Race. One Term Senator who never raised an important issue and never answer a serious question in Senate. A man with a trophy wife 25 years younger than him who is of his daughter's age is a passionate conservative! A man for more than a decade out of politics making his living as an actor and campaigning in a convicted drug dealers Jet; makes him genius in American Economy and World Diplomacy!

Media Sycophants were comparing Thompson with conservative statesman & a visionary Ronald Reagan who laid the foundations for Rich & Wealthy America, responsible for crushing defeat to communism and break up of communist Russia. Media was not telling the public that Ronald Reagan became President after 2 unsuccessful bids for nomination and two successful terms as governor of California; the 5th largest economy of the world and the largest economy among 50 US states. Ronald Reagan also holds the distinction of being the only California governor to become the President of the United States of America.

Confused liberals under the mask of conservatives are planning to put up a Michael Bloomberg as Independent candidate for President, if their favorite one eyed Queen Hillary Clinton fails to get Democrat Party nomination. A womanizer who keeps paying undisclosed amounts for settling illicit affairs like his filthy rich friend Gov Jon Corzine of New Jersey who paid $6 million to Labor Union Leader Carla Katz. It is not clear who is the Role Model for whom; Corzine ended his marriage of 25 years and Bloomberg dumped his wife after 19 years, both to become free wild sex birds. With questionable character, morals and sinister plans Bloomberg wants to govern America with 300 million people, where 80% of them still consider Religion & Character is a very important part of their lives!

This is the same Michael Bloomberg who used to be a Democrat; to become Mayor of New York may have bribed the local Republicans thru a middleman called Rudy Giuliani another former Democrat. In March 2007 Bloomberg resigned from Republican Party declared himself an Independent. Since than he is on a Tour of America with his paid paramours and Bloomberg Radio & TV clout giving out Future President like stump speeches. He wants to be a another Ross Perot who took 19% votes in 1992 to defeat George Bush to make way for a womanizer Bill Clinton's Presidency. Looking at his shady character and Democrat’s expertise in rigging elections he is hoping the Democrat controlled House of Representatives will render a favorable verdict in his or any other Democrat including vastly inexperienced Barack Obama's favor if any Candidates failed to win the necessary 270 votes in the Electoral College.

Recently some crazy liberals have mooted the idea of Bloomberg-Gore Ticket because Gore got Noble Peace prize for which entire world is still shocked and desperately searching for answers; why Al Gore got this Noble Peace Prize?

Only 2 of the Presidential candidates have Character, Honesty, Convictions, Executive experience, understand Economy, reasons of economic down turn, international trade & crafty debt derivatives. Both of them have been Governors of totally Blue states Arkansas & Massachusetts. Popularly got elected with Democrat votes underscores their popularity among Republicans and Democrats alike. That makes both of them True Leaders acceptable to all.

Mike Huckabee a southern Baptist Minister is a very religious person with over 10 yrs as Arkansas Governor is a very able administrator with understanding of economy and public service. Since 1992 Huckabee has fought 3 proxy wars with Clinton’s massive money machines and successfully defeated their nominees on their home turf by getting Democrat votes to become governor of Arkansas.

But it is Mitt Romney who is a hugely successful proven business Leader, insider of US & Int’l financial markets, fairly successful Governor & a Political Leader, successful husband & father and a religious person; who stands much taller than Huckabee. In the best interest of America Mike should put his ego aside and must accept Romney is better qualified to deal with present crisis and he can be a good team as Vice President with Mitt Romney. They can be a formidable team and will go down in the history as one of the best Team, American’s ever had.

Huckabee rather than listening to his three times married National Campaign Chairman ultra liberal Ed Rollins listen to his own Christian preaching. Ed Rollins is the wonder kid of Reagan era who helped him for his re-election in 1984 to win 49 states. Then in 1992 same Ed betrayed the Republicans by joining Ross Perot to help Clinton to get elected to the White House without the popular votes. Then Ed wrote a scathing, expletive ridden book with negative and destructive commentary on Republican officials and Republicans across America. It has become a major puzzle why a conservative Mike Huckabee is in the company of a ultra radical Liberal with questionable loyalty and confused ideology? Why the conservative Republican’s have not reacted to this unholy alliance?

Media is scared to discuss Romney’s all round fair achievements as compared to others in the field. Rather than discussing real Leader with a proven track record of hard work, experience, intelligence & character, under Semitism they are trashing him 24/7 for being a Mormon. As if elected he will force every one to convert to Mormon. This is the same Media who never raised any objections when a Mormon Democrat Harry Reid became Senate Majority Leader.

We all know America was founded by its founding fathers a nation without an endorsed religion. In the words of Hon. Franklin D Roosevelt spoken in 1940: “We must remember that any oppression, any injustice, any hatred is a wedge designed to attack our civilization.” In other words this minority controlled majority mainstream Media is attacking our Civilization & our Founding Fathers by attacking the Religion of a Mormon & by attacking the very need for a Character and high Moral standards for the office of President of United States of America.

If British can twice elect a Jew Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli in 19th century (Feb. 1868 to Dec 1868 & Feb 1874 to April 1880) & majority Hindu nation India can appoint a Parsi Sam Maneckshaw (1962- 73) & a Jew Jack Jacob (1970-78) as its Chief of Army, Field Marshal and Army Generals in 20th century, why we are discussing especially the ultra radical liberals and evangelical Christians at CNN, CBS & NBC; the Religion, Race and Gender in 21st century? Are we backward or a Racist society? We will not be the first nation in the world; if a Woman or American African or Mormon becomes President. Why not a Mormon with fairly good character and understanding of economy & domestic problems as President of America?

God Bless America

Dave Makkar
Oct. 2007
Minority controlled Ultra Liberal Media has become King Maker in America and calling the shots who should be the next Democrat who will be crowned President of America. By projecting the worst Republicans initially Rudy Giuliani with 6 marriages & friends with Mafia connections who was replaced by Fred Thomson with trophy wife 25 years younger than him & convicted drug dealer friends and now he is replaced by John McCain who dumped his wife for a younger woman and in the name of economy his understanding is Bomb, Bomb & Bomb to make sure a Democrat becomes the President.

This is the same John McCain who has been running his Presidential Campaign for last 8 years and whose Grand Funeral was organized by this Media last year to promote Rudy Giuliani and Fred Thompson for Republican nomination. Now John McCain’s body has been exhumed from the grave put to life with steroids to enhance his abilities to make bigger lies on Live Television to be nominated for Republican nomination ultimately to give the election to Democrats a party under siege of Israeli & other vested interests from Wall Street, Media, Hollywood etc.

Democrats rather than caring for American public are more focused on having 1St ultra radical female who lacks core conviction & character, experienced in selling Presidential Pardons only Hillary Clinton or first African American with vast inexperience, slum lord’s money, present only record in Legislature rather than Yes or No vote, a born again Christian minted with crafty literary help Barrack Obama to be the President and Commander in Chief of America.

Media does not want American public to understand that Government is a serious business and must be run as such. The Debates are like Circuses more focused on atmosphere, cat & dog fights between the candidates, their superficial ability to laugh, make promises which are made to be broken and how they can answer to silly questions of some moron voters from You Tube selected by clowns in the Media. Who cares who is ahead in the manipulated junk Polls, who care who beat some one in such debates? In selecting a CEO of a company no one holds a debate among the potential contenders. Instead a qualified committee would look at the character, past experience and ability to Lead of the contender; all of which is a barometer to future behavior, honesty, ability to Lead in crisis and competence is measured by candidates own proven track records.

Every one remembers except the Media that the last wide-open race came in 1952 after Harry Truman opted not to run for re-election and his vice president, Alben Barkley, bowed out because of doubts raised over his age. This Media wants a 74 year old John McCain who is not fit even to be a Veteran’s Affair Commissioner; the President & Commander in Chief of America! This Media got him endorsement from his 95 year old mother on prime time, who told the audience my sucker son who dumped his first wife for a younger wife will make a good President! Wow!

A candidate Mitt Romney who should be talked about by Media is being referred for last 1 year for his Mormon religion, which is irrelevant to how he would perform as President. Some bigots’ say Romney is not a Christian which is leaving behind the scene King Makers Israeli lobby in cold.

We in America tend to announce victory while still in the quarterfinal stage. The Democrats must understand it is the American Public not the Media who has to elect their President. The main challenge before the American Public is to transform our system of governance which every body admits is broken all the way from White House to borough block level. Equality before Law, equity of economic growth, internal & external security and democracy to take our society to the age of modernity and prosperity for each citizen with lower disparities in income and access to quality health care at affordable price.

World’s largest enterprise “America” employees millions of people with some $14 trillion capitalization and going through its worst financial crisis besides facing illegal immigration, terrorist threats by Islamic Jihadis; needs some one who can spell “Economy” besides having experience of Governance of a state.

Americans must remember post of the President is not an internship or on site job training and more over for White House it is no exchange no refund policy for 4 years.

Above all as per the contract for Political Reasons you can put some one in White House but can not fire that Employee for Political Reasons for 4 years!
Dave Makkar
Jan. 31St, 2008

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