Sunday, November 11, 2007


Gov. Mitt Romney:

Gov. Willard Mitt Romney preferred to be called by his middle name.

Harvard Business & Law School Graduate turned Venture Capitalist with an eager eye for identifying future success. Most notable has been Romney’s investment in Staples, which had not yet opened its first office supply store. Founded a Venture Capital company Bain Capital in 1984 which owns companies like Staples & Marriott.

Organized successfully 2002 Winter Olympics at Salt Lake City , Utah . He was called in at the end of 1998 by Utah state leaders after scandals of bribery & projected shortfall of $397 million erupted in the Media. Romney accepted the position and asked Fraser Bullock, one of the 7 original partners of Bain Capital to become his chief operating officer. With Romney at the helm the games ended with a surplus of $56 million.

With Olympics success under his belt in 2002 Romney became the Governor of predominantly Liberal Democrat state Massachusetts on a platform of fiscal conservatism and promise to erase the state’s deficit. Romney is credited to provide Universal Health Care in Massachusetts and making it the only state in America to do so. This is the same state where in 1994 he lost Senate race to ultra liberal Ted Kennedy. He got close enough in pre election polls to give the ultra Liberal a scare. The final outcome was Kennedy’s closest race since his first election in 1962.

Gov Romney wasn’t able to accomplish all that he hoped & promised due to opposition from the overwhelmingly Democratic Legislature. For example, Romney discovered that collecting tolls on the Massachusetts Turnpike cost 30 cents for $1 collected, in part because the toll collectors Union contract, which gives the collectors an average $56,300.00 a year in wages plus $9,880.00 in benefits. The Massachusetts Legislature did not want to take the Union and lose a source of political patronage.

The fact that Massachusetts where only 13 percent of registered voters are Republican could elect Romney governor by a 5 point margin 50 vs. 45% for his Democratic opponent underscores his popularity among Republicans and Democrats alike. That makes Romney a true Leader acceptable to all.

Ann & Mitt Romney happily Married since March 21, 1969 and have successfully raised 5 sons Taggart, Matt, Josh, Benjamin & Craig and have 10 Grand Children. The family is never in news for wrong reasons. They are practicing Mormon.

Mitt is the son of 3 terms Michigan Governor George W Romney who was Chairman of American Motor Corp. Mitt was 7 when George took over the failing American Motors and introduced the concept of compact cars. George made it to the cover of Time in 1959 that described him as a “Broad-shouldered, Bible-quoting broth of a man who burns brightly with the fire of missionary zeal.”

Mitt was 15 when his father George became the Governor in a state in which no Republican had held the job in 14 years. Mitt worked the campaign switch board. At the “Romney for Governor” booths, shouting over a microphone and loudspeaker system, “You should vote for my father for Governor. He is truly a great person. You got to support him; he is going to make things better.”

In 1968 George unsuccessfully sought the Republican nomination for US President. Later on became Secretary of Housing and Urban Development under President Nixon. George died on July 26, 1995, at the age of 88. He imparted deep values to family, values that the Mormon Church emphasizes-strong families, honesty, truth, giving to charity, respect for human life, hard work, and clean living.

Dave Makkar

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