Friday, November 9, 2007

Hillary Clinton re-incarnation of Indra Gandhi


Dear Every one, with due respect to all of you and not to hurt your feelings; Hillary Clinton can not be the President of USA despite the unprecedented feed & brain wash by minority controlled mainstream US Media & Ethnic Media in US and India. People of Indian origin and Indians are trying to outbid each other to praise Hillary Clinton including some of them calling her with all kinds of godly names including “Bhabhi Ji” (Sister-in-Law). America is not India where an idiot Devkant Barua can call “Indra is India & India is Indra” and millions of cowards kept quite to show solidarity with Indra. America will always be America with or without Hillary Clinton.

Clintons both husband & wife lacks core conviction, morality, ethics, character and are not afraid at all to misrepresent or speak half truths or complete lies. Hillary Clinton can never get Elected as President of America because it will be the reincarnation of ruthless, characterless and dangerously ambitious with a desire to kill or get any one killed who dares to ask for accountability; "Indra Gandhi" who was no match to her husband a thorough gentleman Feroz Gandhi.

In Hillary's case we have a Bill Clinton equally slippery character who can cheat on his wife and to lie under oath while he was President of USA. Ex-President Bill Clinton attorney by profession gave 457 Pardons vs. 117 given by President George Bush so far during his presidency. Shamelessly Clinton gave 140 Pardons in closing hours of his presidency which includes Full Pardon to fugitive Democrat Financier Marc rich. It was done on the Application of Rich’s ex-wife, a major contributor to Clinton Campaign and Clinton Library. Financier Democrat Rich was indicted in 1983 on charges of evading $48 million in Taxes, 51 counts of Tax frauds and having illegal oil deals with Iran during Hostage crisis. Rich had fled to Switzerland and had been living there for 17 years till President/Attorney Clinton released him from all Legal Jeopardy!

President Clinton also bailed out Indian Hotelier (hotels with slush money of Indian Federal Ministers) Sant Singh Chatwal from Indian authorities for Tax & Bank Frauds, from US IRS & New York City’s claim of $9 million in unpaid Taxes & $12 million claim of FDIC for unpaid Loans which was settled for $125,000.00. Another Indian Vinod Gupta of INFO USA who is being investigated by Iowa Attorney General for selling names of elderly Americans to known con Artists; flew Clinton’s to a vacation in Acapulco on his company Jet paid more than $2 million in consulting Fees to Bill Clinton and also gave $1 million to his Foundation. Both Gupta & Chatwal are on the Board of Clinton Foundation.

Then a frequent travel companion and long time fundraiser of Clintons & NY Senator Chuck Schumer with Indian Passport Dr P Singh Sabharwal of SAAB group is absconding to India. Home Land Security & Justice Dept. in USA is looking for him for serious Mortgage/financial, Bank, Identity and other Frauds. Like his good friend Sant Chatwal; Dr Sabharwal was also bailed out from the clutches of Indian authorities chasing him for financial frauds by Clintons which opened the way for Dr Sabharwal to re-enter India after more than a decade.

Bill Clinton during Monica Lewinsky trial tried to obstruct justice and lied under oath. President Clinton said he had not violated the sixth commandment. But whose sixth commandment? To Roman Catholics and Lutherans, it is the No-Adultery Commandment. But to Jews and Members of Orthodox and Reformed Churches, Clinton was saying, “He hadn’t murdered or killed respectively.” What punishment Clinton got? Just a slap on the wrist; his License to Practice Law was suspended! After that also Ex-Attorney/President Clinton was very defiant in an interview and said, “if the sex is not consummated, it is not sex.” That is the reason I made the statement (under oath), “I never had sex with that (Jewish) woman (Monica Lewinsky). Can any one say this man has character, honesty, moral & ethical values?

Coming back to Hillary Clinton, the Firebrand writer Camille Pagalia says Hillary Clinton “has no vision and can’t win general election against any of the leading Republican candidates. She has a powerful machine. There’s an over-clever, over-conceptualized political personality there who has trouble being an ordinary person. She is essentially a policy wonk. She has no vision. Then there’s the sense of her espousing feminist ideals on the one hand, but also tolerating gross exploitation and insult from her womanizing husband.”

Hillary Clinton is a slippery character with lots of money to spend and a penchant for avoiding truth. For 8 years in White House she was running her own Agenda; plotting & scheming to get filthy rich by arranging Pardons to fugitives like Marc Rich, helping criminals like Norman Hsu, Sant Chatwal, Dr sabharwal, quasi-criminals like Vinod Gupta and by writing her memoirs full of lies that too in violation of Time Rules for such memoirs. Like her husband she also takes campaign money from swindlers like Sant Singh Chatwal, Vinod Gupta, Dr P Singh Sabharwal, Norman Hsu, Pharmaceutical companies, Health Insurance etc all tied to major league creeps. Till Nov 3rd, 2006 Hillary was happy, “to be a New York Senator and collected more than $51 million for her re-election to US Senate. After winning her election she came up with a statement that she had spent $37.5 million (on cats & dogs of her supporters) on a non-existent challenger and now she wants to be the President of America!

If any one recalls what the Founding Father of this nation Hon. George Washington said in his farewell address on Sep. 17, 1796 to both houses of Congress, "Of all dispositions and habits which lead to political prosperity, religion and morality are indispensable supports. Where is the security of property, for reputation, for life, if the sense of religious obligation deserts?"

Do you think the founder of Democrat Party Hon. George Washington will ever vote for Hillary Clinton for even Party Nomination leave aside to be the President of America?

In America a person may become a quasi-criminal like Bill Clinton after getting elected to the White House but in over 200 years of our History; we Americans have never elected a quasi-criminal with no character, ethics & moral as President of America.

God Bless America .

Dave Makkar

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