Thursday, October 25, 2007



Democrats famous for their propaganda machine and their hold on main stream media like CNN wants the public to believe 8 is bigger than 79. In 1992 President Bill Clinton thru his below average Attorney General Janet Reno fired 79 US Attorneys citing these are Political Post appointed by US President and serve at the pleasure of US President.

According to Democrat Controlled main stream media CNN “Mediocre Alberto Gonzalez” the current Attorney General has fired 8 US Attorneys because some of them were soft on Corruption by Democrats and were pursuing bulk of immigration cases. This is absolutely true. Senator Hillary Clinton & Chuck Schumer most vocal with some other cheap popularity crazy Democrats with no memory wants Gonzalez to resign and the cheap media is supporting them whole heartedly. By the way where was Hillary, Schumer, their likes and CNN when Janet Reno fired 79 US Attorneys in 1992?

Cheap Media like CNN who is labeling Gonzalez as mediocre where were they when the entire team of President Clinton except Treasury Secretary Alan Greenspan was just average intelligence not even mediocre? Especially Medalin Albright his Secretary of State was the worst ever appointed Secretary of State in the history of America. President Clinton, Senator Hillary Clinton & Chuck Schumer can explain you why she was appointed to this post to appease a certain section of rich voters! It was the bad just average intelligence team which brought 911 and forced US involvement in Iraq to fight terrorist on their own home turf. I am not a great fan of President Bush but I have to support the truth. The truth is he is cleaning up the mess created by average intelligence team who took no action on “terrorism for 8 years.” A person who is taking action is bound to make some mistakes. A person who is not willing to take action how he can make any mistake? Democrats are wasting Tax payer’s money by raising idiotic issues.

The present ruckus by Democrats is unwarranted, uncalled for & highly unethical and is a grand scheme to scare some US Attorney like Christopher Christie who is trying to clean up the world’s most corrupt state New Jersey. Since his appointment he has sent more than 100 officials’ Democrat and Republicans alike to Jail for corruption. Recently New Jersey is again in the news for creating a history for being the first state in America where practically every key official including Governor Jon Corrine has received Grand Jury Subpoenas from US Attorney Christie’s office, probing massive legalized corruption in New Jersey. That is another question that this state is primarily a Democrat state under the firm control of Democrats including their centuries old perpetual control over the largest unreported income from crime in the city of Newark which also receive the largest Federal Aid of over $1.4 billion and the largest state aid of little over a $1.00 billion. You still think 8 is bigger than 79?

Yes 8 is bigger than 79 and Democrats are right this time as per Hindu Numerology. How? To solve this question, in Hindu Numerology if there are two numbers we add them to get a single digit and the process is repeated till you have a single digit. Add 7 & 9 the answer is 16 then add 1 & 6 the answer is 7. Certainly 7 is smaller then 8 and Democrats have all the rights to make noise how come Gonzalez a mediocre beat our just average Janet Reno in firing more US Attorneys. Then how dare some one can compare performance of our handsome, dashing best orator of the 21 century womanizer President Bill Clinton who cam lie under oath with worn out, exhausted President George Bush who can hardly speak one line without stumbling.

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