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Defeat Bagota Don Steve Lonegan on June 2, 2009

Defeat Bagota Don Steve Lonegan on June 2, 2009

I make a humble appeal to all conservative Republicans who believe in small government and more ethics to defeat Bagota Don Lonegan on June 2nd Primaries. Lonegan is a big supporter of small towns if he is elected Governor he will break up 566 Municipalities into more than 1,000 Municipalities to create employment for Politicians, Attorneys and their friends. It is an open secret that 32% of the NJ population lives in 29 colored towns and rest 68% in 537 predominantly white towns. 90% of the population lives in Urban Areas and NJ is the only state with all Counties classified as Metropolitan Areas. NJ has the highest population density 1030 people/sq miles; which is 15 times the US national average. More than 90% of the Municipalities can not be considered as viable business corporation from the economies of scale view point.

Out of the 566 Towns in NJ, 411 Towns are in less than 2 sq miles or with less than 10,000 residents. Out of that 212 towns have less population than the day time combine population of students & staff of 5,845 in a Colored Elizabeth High School . If one further break it down 34 Towns are with less than 5,000 residents, 34 Towns with less than 4,000 residents, 49 Towns with less than 3,000 residents, 48 Towns with less than 2,000 residents and 27 Towns are with less than 1,000 residents. The smallest town is Walpack with 35 and largest is Newark with 285,000 residents.

Unfortunately all of these towns have elected scoundrels posing as Mayors, Council members, School Board Superintendents, Attorneys & Members, Municipal Judges, Prosecutors, Defenders, Town Attorneys, Clerks, Administrators, Zoning Board Attorneys, Police Chiefs, Dy Chiefs, Fire Chiefs, Dy Chiefs besides host of other under worked & over paid scoundrels appointed for political reasons.

NJ has more than 9,000 elected scoundrels and over 400,000 over paid employees with no work or very little work in 8,000 sq miles for 8.5 million residents posing as 588 Governments. These elected scoundrels can have more than 1 elected job as well as a city or county or state job. Prime example is Democrat Nicholas Sacco who is state Senator since 1994 and is also the Mayor of N. Bergen since 1991. Then he is on the N. Bergen Township Commission since 1985 and is also the Assistant Superintendent of N. Bergen Board of Education. After retirement he will be collecting 4 pensions. 2 Elected Office or State or Federal Jobs are banned in 38 other states of USA because of conflict of interest. In Indiana , holding 2 offices is a Class D Felony, on Par with illegal Drug possession and punishable by up to 3 years in prison.

Even the employees can have multiple jobs in multiple towns. Prime example is Damian Murray municipal court Judge for 8 towns in Ocean County with a combine salary of $320,439.00. After retirement Murray will be collecting 8 pensions. Damian Murray is making more than the Chief Justice of America and about $80,000.00 less than Barack Obama’s $400,000.00 salary as President of America.

Indian Capital Delhi for 15 Million residents has only 374 Elected Officials and aprx. 175,000 employees as compared to over 9,000 Elected officials & 400,000 employees in NJ for 8.5 Million residents. For 3,035 Schools Delhi has 1 Education Director as compared to NJ’s 651 over staffed School Superintendent offices for 2,419 Schools. Pre Independence India in 12.6 Million Sq Miles used to have 600 Princely Kingdoms for 450 million residents and NJ in 8,000 Sq miles has 566 Princely Kingdoms with 8.5 Million subjects/residents under 566 Dons posing as Mayors along with their Gang Members. Then these Dons are controlled by another 21 Senior Dons posing as County Governments who have unevenly divided among them selves 566 Princely Estates. Then we have a Super Don the Governor who is allowing them to do all kinds of financial crimes legally in the name of “Home Rule” which is nothing but legally organized “Gang Rule” by Political Gangsters of NJ.

Dishonestly Unionized Gangsters posing as Democrat & Republican Leaders always justify NJ’s 587 Local Governments by comparing it with 1,908 Local govt. of Wisconsin . They never mention that Wisconsin ’s Area is 65,498 sq miles vs. NJ’s 8,721 sq miles, Population Density 1 Person per 98.8 sq miles vs. NJ’s 1030 Persons per sq miles which is 15 times the US national average. Mathematically on account of Area NJ can have 261.63 local governments if you factor in Density this number drops to 26.16 and now add in population factor Wisconsin’s 5.6 mil vs. NJ’s 8.5 mil; the maximum Local Governments NJ can have is 39 where as NJ has 587.

Even New York City for 8.2 mil residents has 52 Elected Post & 1 Police Commissioner against NJ’s over 9,000 Elected Post and more than 550 Police Chiefs for 8.5 mil resident inmates.

Try to find another state in the entire world with 8.5 mil residents living in 8,000 miles having more than 1 Elected official & 50 Employees per sq mile under 588 governments with a Budget of $35 Billion for state and another $38 Billion for 587 Local Governments with a current deficit of over $150 billion including unfunded liabilities. Then 566 racially segregated Kingdoms of NJ are with uneven area and uneven population ranging from 285,000 for a colored town with all kinds of problems and 35 people in a white town. Jewel in the crown NJ has 250,000 children in 31 colored School Districts who can not read and write. NJ Media and Politicians says they can't comprehend in basic education! Despite the fact NJ has the highest cost in the world $19,000.00 to educate a student in rich districts and $28,000.00 in poor districts. We still call our selves most advanced, highly educated, most affluent Democracy United States of America.

If residents of NJ are hoping Bagota Don Steve Lonegan to cut down the number of local gangs then they are for a surprise; he may close down 1-2 state departments but increase the number of local gangs by breaking up Municipalities because of his obsession for so called Home Rule and small Towns. At least Chris Christie has been openly saying he will ban Dual Office holding and he is in favor of consolidating Local governments with the help of the residents.

On June 2ND vote for Chris Christie in the Republican Primaries and defeat Bagota Don Steve Lonegan to save New Jersey from political criminals posing as our Leaders.

Dave Makkar

Chris Christie wished Good Luck in traditional style by American Hindus in his quest to be next Governor of New Jersey at Carteret 5-17-09

May 17, 2009 Carteret: New Jersey Governor Candidate Republican Chris Christie was wished in a traditional style good luck by American Hindus Prachi & Surya with a Saffron neck wear in his unfinished fight against rampant corruption by Public Officials by taking over as Governor of New Jersey in Nov. 2009 from the current legally corrupt Ex-Wall Street thug Democrat Governor Jon S Corzine.

Dave Makkar

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