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Presidential Election in Banana Republic of America

Presidential Election in Banana Republic of America

For the last more than 1 year I am watching free very expansive & lavish Circuses with Performers from the minority Unionized Elite Club running America in the name of Presidential Primaries. Basically these are Media events for pollsters, advertising companies, speech writers, lobbyists and dress designers to make quick money by selling lies. In 21 Century one can still hear how many Blacks or Hispanics or Asians or women or Elderly or Men or whites voted for each Elite Clown. No Elite Club Member mention about voting pattern of Jews and every one hates Mormon. The moderators rarely ask uncomfortable questions and allow the Elite Clowns to fight like Cats & Dogs on petty personal issues not current or future policies affecting governance of America. That is besides the point the common citizens will still be penalized for these Circuses even if they don’t watch it and don’t vote for one or the other Elite Club Clown to be declared Winner Performer by way of higher taxes, reduced services from their town, state & federal governments as well as their employers in private sector.

The winner Elite Clown in prize will get the control for 4 years of the world’s largest enterprise America with 290 million share holders, millions of employees, clout in practically every country to benefit directly or indirectly by paddling influences. Talking about money this corporation produce $13.8 Trillion Dollars annually in revenue and that is a different question this enterprise has become the biggest debtor with every minute rising debt to day it stands at over $12.5 trillion which it owes to the rest of the world to maintain a very lavish & luxurious life style for its members and some hand picked supporters belonging to its Elite Club. Then for 4 years the common citizen will not have any choice to get replacement or exchange for this winner Circus Clown who will be called the President & CEO of America.

America which is called the oldest Democracy and world Super Power do not have uniform Rules for its Presidential Primaries. For Democrat Party nomination one needs 2,025 Delegates out of the 4,048 and for Republican nomination one needs 1,245 out of 2,488. Then in Republicans Primaries winner takes the all where as in Democrats it is proportional, even the loser gets some Delegates. For example out of 100 Delegates for a state if winner gets 55% votes he/she gets 55 Delegates based on % of votes received and rest of the Delegates goes to the loser and if there are more than 1 loser than the Delegates are allotted to them according to their % of votes received. To add more to the confusion; every state has their own Rules like straight voting by Party Members or one vote for 1 Party or they have Caucuses, where in cigar smoked filled rooms after getting drunk & evaluating Political & other material benefits for them selves the State & Local Party Bosses allot Delegates to the Candidates. In some state cross voting is also allowed, which can give leverage to a Party to prolong fighting among candidates of opposing Party.

Then in Democrats even if the Candidates know no one can reach the magic number of 2,025 Delegates and nomination will be decided by 785 Super Delegates after assessing their own future benefits; Party Bosses & elected Representatives like Senators, Congressmen, Governors, Mayors etc. still keep their Primaries fight going on by sinking in additional millions of Dollars like Barack Obama & Hillary Clinton are doing since early March 2008. In the end with more than $2 billion spent and the common Citizens who wasted their Time, Money & energy by participating in these Primary Circuses their Votes will be flushed in the Toilets of Club of Elites.
All these mind boggling non sense anarchy where common citizen’s vote do not count, any sane person can conclude that America is a Banana Republic when it comes to electing its Commander in Chief the President of United States of America.

These Elite Primary Circuses start with more than a Dozen Clowns from the Unionized Elite Club posing as Democrats & Republicans. No one wants to change any thing or bring transparency or accountability. All they are interested is how to get the Prized Bed in the White House!
After numerous elimination rounds of multi million Dollars Primary Circuses held in different states of America like currently we are left with 3 Clowns; the most horrible, who have never worked in Public or Private Sector, economy ignorant with no managerial experience of running even a candy store as well as a State or even a small Twp. like Wallpack with 35 residents in New Jersey as its Mayor.

These 3 clowns; Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama & John McCain all belonging to the Club 100 Elite of America the US Senate; so far together they have spent more than $1.5 Billion, bulk of it over $1 billion by Barack & Hillary; while delivering speeches on smaller government, imaginary schemes to reduce poverty, cursing & out right abusing lobbyist for corruption and falling moral & ethical standards in Public offices with fuzzy math on economy and how they will cut wasteful expenditure in their administrations. Then states, Federal, almost 3 dozen loser Clowns and those enthusiastic supporters living under the illusion that their votes counts have spent more than $2 billions. Even after 16 months & spending more than $3.5 billion Americans have no idea which Democrat will challenge the Republican John McCain.
How very convenient for the Elite Club of America to carry out their crimes “through Media blitz, accounting tricks, fiction, hocus-pocus, misleading statements, trickery, half truths, omissions and out right lies that every American’s vote will count!”

Democrat Hillary an attorney by profession claims she has run a business of Presidential Pardons for 8 years from the White House giving & getting amnesty even from foreign governments for money to her husbands Foundation or her election Campaigns; to criminals like Mark Rich, Hsu, Sant Singh Chatwal, Dr P S Sabharwal, Vinod Gupta etc surely that gives her an authority on Economy & Governance of the biggest economy in the world. Moreover prior to that she has worked for Wal-Mart to help them how to cheat their workers gives her an edge to understand the problems of working class of America. Then she is the wife of a womanizer Ex-President Bill Clinton who declared a holiday for 8 years in National Security Departments because of Monica Lewinsky; gives her added experience with Bill as baggage if elected in National Security & Defense matters.
On top of all this she feels her powers to make out right lies to look like truth; like her daughter Chelsea was in the vicinity when 9/11 happens and she had to duck her head and run for her life from the barrage of bullets in Bosnia as First Lady makes her the perfect Stateswoman, Hollywood & Bollywood Star & a Politician in true sense from the Elite Club of America appealing to the entire world especially the 3rd world corrupt countries likes Israel, Italy, India etc.

Another Democrat yet to complete his first term in Club 100 Elite of America; Senator Barack Obama also an attorney by profession very eloquent speaker, hate his middle name and got his childhood rewritten with some literary help to become a Born again Christian; claims his 20+ years long association with his spiritual advisor Rev. Jeremiah Wright who teaches in his Church Aids in the world is American creation, 9/11 white Americans brought it on them selves so rather saying God Bless America his followers must say Goddamn America and learn politics with slum Lord Tony Rezko’s money to establish a record in Illinois’s State Senate Present Only votes on very important issues rater than Yes or No makes him an authority on Economy, Religion, Family values, Defense/National Security, Foreign Relations and Good Governance.

Coming to the third Elite Clown from Club 100; Republican Jon McCain an adulterer. His current wife Cindy a drug addicts who stole drugs from the Charity she was in charge. Both flirted while John was married to another woman. Initially Elite Club held a grand funeral for John and when every one’s favorite Hillary was slipping; John was brought out of his grave, given a heavy dose of steroids and unofficially declared President of America by Pro Israeli lobbyist running America. John is the only one who is talking some truth that he does not understand Economy! Because for 22 years he was in navy out of which he has spent 51/2 years as POW in a dark cell in Vietnam, 4 years in US Congress and for the last 21 years he is in Club 100 Elite the US Senate. No one is asking him any questions that during his 21 yrs in Senate & 4 in Congress he has voted on so many important financial bills granting billions of Dollars; he means to say he never read them and could never learnt any thing about American Economy in 25 yrs? I guess he never read them and that is the reason when you ask him about Economy his answer is Bomb, Bomb, Bomb and his entire Presidential campaign is being run and managed by lobbyist and their money whom he has been cursing since he got into American Politics for The Elite and by The Elite in America!

Then an Israeli/American filthy rich womanizer Michael Bloomberg the owner of Bloomberg Radio & Television also Mayor of Financial Capital of the World New York; was thinking of running for President as Independent and spent millions of dollars on research. You know what is his conclusion? If you are running as Independent and your last name is Stein or Baum or Berg 50% of Democrats as well as 50% of Republicans will vote for you. Because of Israeli clout on Main Stream Media, Wall Street, Hollywood, Real Estate & American Politics up to the grass rote level in all the 50 States of America.
He dropped the idea of running because Mans, Golds, Steins, Bergs, Baums, Sabloskys cut a deal with Republican John McCain to say it publicly he will support Israel whatever it takes to help them in the pursuit of their illegal colonization of Palestine Land since last 40 years and he will remain in Iraq for 100 years if need be to provide safety cover to Israel!

By looking at all the above don’t you think our People’s Representation process is messed up? I believe majority of the citizens are very honest, God fearing and love America more than me; their answer must be “YES”. That is the reason I have been fighting since 2004 in a very civilized manner to take back the ownership of America from the minority Elite Club of Scoundrels governing America. Now I have reached to a state where I am taking the route of using provocative language against my own likings; to wake up my fellow countrymen who have blind trust on our current Unionized Politicians posing as Democrats & Republicans, 880,000 attorneys, robber Barons, Business Tycoons under Israeli lobbyist controlled America. The Americans must unite to take back the control of America from this Unionized Mob to manage this country for its People not for its Rulers.

We must understand what our great founding President George Washington said, “Government is not a reason; is not eloquent; it is a force like fire, it is dangerous servant and fearful master.”

God Bless America
Dave Makkar


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