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The word American can be defined in many different ways. An American could be a person whose ancestors came from a different country with a dream or it could be a person that was born right here in America with a dream. The one thing that makes all of these individuals "American" is that they all have special dreams. Like one person may want to become President and other may want to become a fighter Pilot. Both have a strong desire to serve their country America and fellow Americans in their own ways. These dreams are called The American Dream.

An American believes in the equality of human kind, the obligation to serve one another, and a true commitment to liberty for fellow Americans and every human being on this earth. These are the values every American of different faith strongly believes in and together we stand as a nation, united under God as United States of America.

Americans are the only one in the world for centuries who have laid their lives to preserve freedom for them selves, fellow Americans and freedom for others through out the world. For this sacrifice we have never taken any country’s land or made slave to any country whether it was world war one or world war 2 or the current war of Freedom we are fighting for the people of Iraq and Afghanistan against the Islamic Jihadis who do not understand a sacred religion Islam.

Rather Americans through their government generously give out to rebuild war-ravaged countries around the world liberated from extremists. American citizens are the biggest charity givers in the world with $135 billion given in 2006 besides $45 billion given by our government around the world purely for humanitarian purposes.

These are the great American values and our moral heritage, which we all share as Americans of different faiths. Unity in diversity has made America the melting pot of all religions and cultures of the world that is why America is a great country to live on this earth.

Say it with pride,
I am proud to be an American.”

God Bless
United States of America.

Prachi Makkar
Grade 7Th
Florence M. Gaudineer School
Springfield, NJ 07081

P.S. Thank you Mr. Haggerty for your help & guidance in writing this note. I am blessed to have you as my Teacher. I sincerely thank you once again for your help in my studies and other activities.

OFF COURSE DAD you are always an inspiration, a perfect guide and always encouraging me to explore new horizons. You are the best DAD in the world, I love you. Prachi

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